With our emotion analysis we have already improved projects in market research and training. Emotion analysis via webcam allows you to analyze conversations anytime and anywhere. By highlighting high and low points in conversations, you can do your actual work much faster and better.

The use cases of Mataono

Market Research

Discover emotional reactions at the touch of a button.

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Sales Training

Improve the training experience.

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Your companion during the whole meeting

Mataono's features cover the meeting process: from preparation, to execution, finishing with reporting and analysis.

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Discover the emotions of the participants in the conversation

Mataono helps you to better understand the participants. Based on facial expressions, the emotion are made visible and allow you a deeper analysis. Find out if conversations have been empathic or if there is room for improvement.

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Discover turning points in conversations

Mataono's analysis view gives you easy access to the data. The emotion graph gives you a quick overview of highs and lows. Key figures help you identify good and bad moments.

Aggregated results at a glance

Mataono automatically creates a summary analysis of all conversations, people and materials. At a glance, you can immediately identify patterns and react accordingly.

Use Mataono simply and easily

Live analysis

Analysis during the interview (online or presence)

The results are immediately available at the end of the conversation. You can use any conventional webcam.

Use with your own account or with our concierge service.

Self service

Have video uploaded and analyzed by yourself

The analysis can be performed automatically afterwards. The video can come from different sources (MS Teams, Zoom, ...).

Use with your own account or with our concierge service.

Zoom integration

Analysis following the conversation through Zoom app

The analysis is started automatically after the call ends. There is no integration or setup effort, just adding the Zoom app.

Use with your own account.

Frequent questions


Our emotion analysis is based on the psychological findings of Paul Ekman and his Facial Action Coding System. Prof. Ekman researched the universal micro-expressions and derived basic emotions from them: Happiness, Surprise, Fear, Disgust, Sadness, Anger, and Neutral. Our algorithm detects the microexpressions in the faces and assigns the basic emotions. Depending on which emotions are detected, the Emotions Score is calculated.

Data protection is our top priority. Different data is transferred depending on the selected application option. With live analysis in the browser, the image and video data remain on the local computer - we only receive numerical values. If you upload videos afterwards, the videos are deleted directly after processing.

We highly value privacy and data security

Mataono has been developed based on the principle of "privacy-by-design": We collect the minimum amount of data we need to provide our service but delete it as soon as results are delivered. The software and data is hosted in ISO 27001 certified datacenters in Germany – fully GDPR compliant, of course.

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