At Mataono, we think sales meetings should be simple. Understanding the customer, showing empathy and providing the best customer experience. This results in all people involved being happy.

We founded Matono with the goal to help everyone understanding emotions. Only this empowers people to understand their customers. And this results in great sales meetings with the most emphatic counselling experience anytime, anywhere.

Our team

We are Mataonos superpower

We bring together a compelling mix of tech, design, sales and consultation experience. Have been working together for more than 18 years, we always strive to provide the best customer experience in our jobs. Now we want to help you.

The idea for Mataono was born in 2015 when our co-founder Chris was stressed out by the inefficiencies in sales in his previous job. Many prototypes and even more user feedbacks later Mataono's version 1.0 was released in October 2021.

Get to know our leadership team

Christian Dimanski

Christian Dimanski

Co-founder & CEO

As a seasoned sales rep in B2B banking and financing, Chris knows the struggle of having a good customer meeting while keeping up with all administrative work.

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Portrait: Martin Holzbecher

Martin Holzbecher

Co-founder & CFO

Martin successfully built a track record in the solar industry with focus on sales and product development for over a decade. He learned a lot about creating long-lasting relationships with customers.

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Portrait: Henk Kahlfuss

Henk Kahlfuss

Co-founder & CTO

Vital part of a good experience is working software. Henk has a great track record for creating and delivering working code for over 18 years in many projects.

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Portrait: Thomas Kirchner

Thomas Kirchner

Co-founder & Creative Director

Good design is crucial for a great experience. With is love for details, Tom provides Mataono with the best costume across all products and channels.

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Prof. Dr. Heinz Hänel

Prof. Dr. Heinz Hänel

Senior Advisor

Heinz Hänel can look back on a career in the pharmaceutical industry spanning more than 40 years, during which he was involved in the development of drugs and successfully launched them on the market. With his expertise he supports our team to implement Mataono as a tool for good customer communication.

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Christian Dimanski

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