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Greater sales success through emotions

Mataono empowers you to actively work with emotions in conversations to achieve greater sales success.

Mataono measures facial expressions and evaluates them. In this way, it makes the emotional effect of conversation leaders on their audience visible and derives recommendations for action from this.

Mataono is your neutral, digital coach. It supports you in continuously improving your emotional competence.

  • Via webcam, the faces of the participants are recorded, their emotions are recognized and a precise conversation evaluation is made available to you.
  • The emotions are put in relation to the materials shown (e.g. slides) and you recognize at which point the participants reacted confidently or if there is a need for improvement.
  • Mataono can be used in a number of ways – for example, integrated directly into Zoom or by uploading your call recordings to our web application.

The use cases of Mataono

Sales Training

Improve the training experience.

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Market Research

Discover emotional reactions at the touch of a button.

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Mataono recognizes key moments in conversations

Emotion graph of a customer meeting
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