Too much administration, too little time with customers

Which challenges are you facing today in your customer consultation?

The preparation of meetings takes a lot of time because data and presentation materials are distributed. During the meeting you have to decide between a satisfying conversation or exhaustive notes. And afterwards you work endlessly on regulatory forms and reports.

  • More documentation and administration efforts because of increasingly complex regulations
  • Manual creation of meeting minutes reduces the amount of doable meetings
  • Customers increasingly demand a more individualized consultation instead of products off the rack

More meetings, less documentation

The Pitch companion for more time with your customers

Mataono takes over tedious tasks for you so you can fully put your focus on your customers. Simultaneously you save time and get the necessary, regulatory required forms to faster close the deal.

  • Comply with regulations and get the meeting protocol at the touch of a button
  • Finally, you have more time for your customers and their needs
  • Preparation and follow-up are efficiently bundled in one integrated process

Mataono – your pitch companion

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Making emotions tangible

Mataono helps you to better understand your customers. Based on shown facial expressions it makes emotions tangible and allows a detailed insight your meetings. Find out if you motivated your customer in your last pitch or if you need to improve your game.

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Fully focus on your customer

Mataono helps you with all administrative tasks. Presentations can be easily created with the central slide repository. With Mataono's forms you can interact with the customer before the meeting to gather needed data. This is topped off with helpful meeting templates and an intuitive meeting player.

The future is Mataono

We not only want to help you with more time for your customers. In the end it is about understanding your customer even better to sell the best fitting products.

Get to know Mataono

The Mataono-experience

We analysed 30,000 data points for a pharmaceutical company and found out which sales materials are gamechangers.

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We use Mataono for our daily activities – internal meetings or external sales pitches. Our product manager Max loves to give you a tiki tour.

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