Boost your analytics in three simple steps

Capture video stream

Our analysis works with any kind of video. You can use our in-app recording with webcam or upload your latest Zoom recording.

Time to results: Instant (in-app)

See the emotions

Our emotions graph displays all emotions of participants over time. See peaks and lows at a glance.

Time to results: Instant

Dive into data

We detect 7 basic emotions every second. This allows for sophisticated analysis of empathy or how well your marketing materials performed.

Time to results: Instant

Identify your winning marketing materials

We supported the market research for a new to-be-launched medication. We found out which product slides performed well with practitioners and which did not. This enabled a new feedback loop before the big launch.

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One more thing

Reduce your administrative overhead

Mataono offers you the tools to improve your processes. Everything is covered - from meeting preparation to the visit report. This can speed up your processes up to 80%.

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Live training

Making emotions visible - conducting better sales trainings

Join our 30-minute live training and let our product manager Max explain how you can effectively use emotions in your sales trainings.

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