Hold your meeting in three simple steps

Prepare your meeting

Drag and drop your sales materials into your meeting. Use templates to have you meeting pre-configured.

Time to results: 5 minutes

Hold your meeting

Our meeting player gives you all the tools you need. Notes, scribbles and feedback are all included.

Time to results: As soon as your meeting starts

Get a compliant report

A report is automatically generated from your meeting. This can be exported for any other tool.

Time to results: Instant

More time with your customers

We investigated a use case for trade finance with a major financial institute. We found out that sales people can save up to 115 minutes with Mataono during the process. This freed time can be used for better consultation, more customer meetings or just anything more value-adding than filling out forms.

Process diagram of trade finance process
Screenshot der Auswertung der Stimmung eines Termins

One more thing

Better understand your customers

Based on shown facial expressions Mataono makes emotions tangible and allows a detailed insight your meetings. Find out if you motivated your customer in your last pitch or if you need to improve your game.

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Portrait: Max Vorhauer

Live training

Making emotions visible - conducting better sales trainings

Join our 30-minute live training and let our product manager Max explain how you can effectively use emotions in your sales trainings.

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